A Warm Traditional Buddhist Welcome

  • Welcome by Traditional Tibetan way of Greeting, by presenting -“Khata” A Buddhist Stole which symbolizes welcome and pure heart of the giver/host
  • A green and sustainable reception with the sound of water passing through the reception and all around the property
  • Guest relation executive to address your needs
  • A lobby for guests to interact with each other and share experiences
  • Tour-Manager to customize itinerary of the guests according to their interests


Culinary Adventures

  • Nourishing Indulgence: All your meals, including delightful hi-tea moments, are meticulously catered for
  • Home style cooked food
  • Outdoor dining in the Gardens with a view of the mountains
  • Authentic Himachali "Kangri Dham Thali" - a slow cooked special meal , a tribute to the flavours of the land
  • Opt for live-cooking experiences or savour the joy of self-cooking amidst serene surroundings with assistance of the Chef
  • Barbeque Bliss: Delight in a barbeque evening, celebrating the union of flavours and camaraderie



Farm to Table

  • Locally grown farm fresh food
  • Most of the vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen come directly from the vegetable garden
  • The Garden burst forth with a profusion of local seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, onion, garlic and Exotic vegetables like capsicum , broccoli and herbs


Ale Hut

“An Elevated Experience: The Open-Air Lounge Bar”

  • As the sun dips behind the mountains and the river's melody plays in the background, immerse yourself in an extraordinary moment at our open-air lounge bar
  • With nature's grandeur as your backdrop, enjoy a range of drinks while a tranquil stream weaves its way through the bar, adding an enchanting touch to the ambience



Firelit Stories

  • A dedicated bonfire area is available for the guests to sit around enjoy
  • Gather around the bonfire, sharing stories as the flames dance under the starlit sky


Nature's Embrace

  • Immerse yourself in a natural rock pool, graced by pure mountain waters from the adjacent river.
  • In the summers guests can also take a dip in the natural rock pools, in pristine water and enjoy drinks near the river
  • Guests can also request for picnic at the river-bed. We can curate a picnic basket for the same ( paid experience)



Gaming Escapades

Engage in indoor (chess, ludo, snake & ladders, sequence, uno, dart game, Foosball) and outdoor games games (like archery, badminton, cricket) fostering moments of fun and connection

A dedicated play area for young ones consisting of swings, slide, sea-saw is available


Pet Friendly

  • Guests can bring along their four-legged friend for vacation at our property .
  • Pamper your pet at this iconic Resort in Dharamshala. We provide best in class amenities and service with maximum comfort to all our guests.




Other Facilities

  • Village Immersion: Embark on a journey to a local Himachali home with our guided Village Walk, connecting with the heart of the region
  • Local sightseeing (facilitate with the help of travel partners)
  • Bike on rent (facilitate with the help of travel partners)
  • Treck/ Paragliding can be arranged (facilitate with the help of travel partners)

Curated Events

Gaddi Grace

Immerse yourself in the rich culture with the captivating 'Gaddi Dance,' a celebration of Himachali folk traditions

Soulful Echoes

Embark on a spiritual journey with renditions of 'bhajans,' touching hearts through the power of music

Planting Tomorrow

Join our Plantation Drive, nurturing the earth's beauty as you contribute to a greener tomorrow

Monastic Serenity

Explore the spiritual haven of Nobulingka or the tranquil Gyuto Monastery in Dharamshala, connecting with ancient wisdom

Riverfront Sundowners

Unwind on the riverside deck as the sun bids adieu, casting a golden glow over your evenings

Melodies & Beats

Elevate your evenings with live music or DJ beats, a perfect accompaniment to your tranquil retreat

Evening Melodies

Let the soulful notes of a flute serenade your evening, setting the mood for relaxation and reflection

Adventure Beckons

Embark on treks and para-gliding tours with our travel partners, discovering the thrill of Himachal's landscapes

Wellness Retreat

Yogic Sanctuary

Unwind in our expansive 'Yogashala,' spanning 1000 sqft., accommodating up to 25 guests comfortably on mats

Aerial Yoga Haven

Embark on a spiritual journey with renditions of 'bhajans,' touching hearts through the power of music

Nature's Yoga Deck

Find serenity on our open Yoga Deck by the river, immersed in nature's embrace and the touch of nature.

Flexible Accommodation

Choose from Single, Double, or Triple occupancy rooms, tailored to your preferences

Garden Retreat

Elevate your evenings with live music or DJ beats, a perfect accompaniment to your tranquil retreat

About Dev Bhoomi Farms & Cottages

Dev Bhoomi Farms & Cottages is a luxurious boutique hotel. Influenced by indigenous architecture of Himachal Pradesh, the eco- luxury boutique hotel has been sustainably designed using locally sourced products like wood, bamboo, stone etc. Privacy of our guests is of utmost importance and personal attention to each and every guest is given. Our endeavour is to provide a feeling of home away from home with the comforts of a modern luxury hotel.


  • Dev Bhoomi Farms
    Village Paasu, Post Office - Dari,
    Kangra, Dharamshala,
    Himachal Pradesh-176057.
  • +91 78761 84349 / +91 88240 45729
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